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A Portuguese Hot Pepper farmer. Known regionally for warming and pickling the peppers inside their own anuses. They are often agitated and upset for seemingly no reason, but it's only the hot pepper juice curing deep inside of them. Forgive them, for they know not what they do.
"Hey, that guy at the bar was just angry at me for giving him pretzels"

"Oh, don't worry about that my friend, he's just a Spicy Butt Pimental"

"Oh OK, Its cool then."
by ThadeDidThis April 09, 2010

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A tribe of Munchkins in lower North America and upper South America with big booty and thigh areas and too much opinion. They are good hearted by nature but lazy. They were originally enslaved by Willy Wonka in 1857 but after "El Revolutione de Uumpas" in 1936 they emmigrated to the Americas.
"Those Berrios are dangerous when you turn on music"

"Yeah, I was almost killed by all the shaking and tiny feet moving."

"Luckily they are easily distracted by pork and rice."
by ThadeDidThis April 09, 2010

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