4 definitions by Tewwawia

⎅⟒⟒⋉ ⋏⎍⏁⌇. this is the alien language.
⎅⟒⟒⋉ ⋏⎍⏁⌇ alien language
by Tewwawia April 13, 2022
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A typo for depressed. An emo who has dyslexia.
Emo: I'm too depereseded
Me: bruh are you dyslexic or not
Emo: Yes I am
Me: oh that's why
by Tewwawia April 12, 2022
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you are bored qwertyuiopasdghjklzxcvbn
by Tewwawia April 9, 2022
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