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Feel the bodies pulsing all around
Polite violence enticed by sound

A living mass of mindless pain
Shoved out only to push in again

Lost in the moment, forget who you are
Lost in the music, hear only the guitar

Bass line drumming in your ears so loud
See the vibrations more then you hear the sound

Bash and clang of the drums echoes in your mind
Give in to the violent motions you’re sure you can find

Kick, push, punch, scream, and shove
An unbridled expression of hate and love

Move with the crowd that surrounds
Shoved down towards the shaking ground

Groans of joy escape a smiling face
Hauled back up to keep with the pace

Sweat and blood mixed and shared
The gift of being unprepared

A moan escapes from exhausted lips
The crowd freezes and the mood dips

Limping away with a scream for the band
You just moshed, and you can barely stand
1. I moshed at Don't Pet The Bunny's last show and it was fucking amazing!

2. I got knocked down in the middle of the pit and I got the shit kicked out of me. Kick ass!
by Tethril February 24, 2005

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