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Honestly you can say it for anything. Compliment, insult, describing your great aunt at her funeral! The possibilities are endless!
Ur mom: Hey Jimmy did you get your homework done?
Jimmy: ur mom

Karen: I dEmAnD tO sPeAk To ThE mAnAGeR!!! WhO iS hE!?!
Me: ur mom!
by Tessa2021 February 05, 2020

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The one that rules all of the land. She doesn’t care what other people think and if they say something that is mean then she will have the royal punisher/ executer end them. She has an army of knights and a head night. She also has an assistant that gives her advice. She is in charge of knighting all of the army and does not have to listen to anyone else because SHE IS BETTER THAN THEM AND KNOWS BETTER THAN EVERYONE ELSE THAT HAS EVER LIVES INT THE PLANET!!! If someone disagrees with her she doesn’t care because she knows she is higher ranked than them. She currently has her own national anthem. She is small but feisty and funny. You shouldn’t tick her off because it’s never a good idea to provoke a short person. She’s plays the trumpet and is not afraid to go for what she wants.
Guy 1: Bro imma sneak into that house and steal sum cash broski
Guy 2: Nah don’t even try bro the Supreme Leader lives there she’ll murder u!!!

Guy 1: I’m so much better than the Supreme Leader, the one who rules over all and takes control of your memories who is short and I’m taller than her so that automatically makes me better lol imao dab fidget spinner

Supreme Leader: kill him
by Tessa2021 May 26, 2019

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