1 definition by Tess Tikals

A hybrid of a Grunger and an Emo, someone who likely does less cringeworthy RAWR XD bullshit than standard emos. Most only fall into the emo category because they do at least one of the following:

1) Hang around with Emos
2) Listen to both Emo Music (I.E. My Chemical Romance) and Grunge Music (I.E. Nirvana)
3) Wear an open Flannel Shirt with a T-Shirt underneath, along with ripped or baggy jeans and converse sneakers
4) Hate screamo, as it’s the lowest depth of music, but they enjoy Scentless Apprentice
5) Dislike popular music (though they can enjoy some of it, however unless it generally has instruments involved, they won’t like it anyway)

A Gremo is easily identifiable by their choice in music and clothing, they are (in general) more respected than Emos due to their ability to act like a functioning normal human being when the need arises, which is an ability not displayed in the majority of Emos
Normie: “Holy shit, you like <insert emo band name (or names) here>? Weird, you don’t dress like one.”
Gremo: “Yeah, I’m not a complete emo, I mean if it’s Alt Rock (this includes grunge), I’ll listen to it. Shit like Nirvana or Alice in Chains. I guess I’m more of a... ‘Gremo’?
by Tess Tikals March 22, 2019
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