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A person that seriously sweats like he's going to die, often a male;eg boy.
Dude1: Hey man, are you dying?
Dude2: Nah, im just sweating alot.
Dude1: Oh lol, you're such a Tinner.

Example 2:

Guy on street: CHRIST SAKE! Man Did you see that Tinner?!

Friend: Worst tinner i've seen today lol!

Guy on street: Jesus .. that dude was sweating badly !

Friend: True that. True that.
by TeoTio November 24, 2007
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To pull an erik is also another word for dumping a turd in your pants.

Usually happends in school, work or in other activities.
Schoolboy: FUCK! I just shat myself.

Friend: What the, did you just pull an erik?

Friend2: He sure did pull an erik mate, he sure did.

by TeoTio November 24, 2007
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