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A ball of accumulated food/funk that varies in size, forms in the throat and then is dislodged sometimes involuntarily into your mouth when you are talking or clearing your throat.

The smell of it is comparable to Shit.
"I was talking and a stink ball came out of my mouth!"
by TenFold July 08, 2009
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The term for when you take a huge dump, preferably one log, throw the tissue in the trash for optimal visibility, and then put the toilet seat up and leave it for the next person to discover.
"I left a Open Casket at work." " I have the perfect dump for an open casket!"
by TenFold January 11, 2010
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When you drag you scrotum and shaft over someones head from front to back after a day or two of not showering or a day of strenuous activities. The sweat/funk converts to "gel" leaving a slight mohawk if hair is under two inches long.
My friend wanted a "stylish" hair do, so I waited til he passed out and gave this fool a Choad Hawk.
by TenFold July 18, 2009
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The Leather Foopa is only indiginous to the obese/post-pregnancy excessive "tanner". When one tans excessively the skin becomes damaged, leaving the once soft and smooth foopa into a tough "leathery" abomination along with the rest of their exposed and unprotected flesh.
There is no treatment for this product of laziness, only prevention.
Wow, looks like her tanning days caught up to her... Look at that Leather Foopa she's rocking!
by TenFold July 21, 2011
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