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When a drunk person gives you advice. It's usually cynical and incoherent, but you better act like you understand/agree with everything they're saying, unless you feel like arguing in circles for a few hours. Those who drunkvise can get pretty angry when their drunkvice isn't accepted as pure genius. People most prone to drunkvising are parents, know-it-alls, authors, egotistical douchebags, and probably Kanye West.
Liam: Because you know, that's life, you don't eat where you shit and you don't feed the bite that handles you...otherwise.... you'll TOTALLY get fucked but not..not in the good way. Like....Shatner. You know? Yah you know.

Doug: Watch out you guys, Liam is giving drunkvice again.
by Tellikins June 21, 2010
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