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Much like the behavior of early man who hunted game and gathered berries, grains and other small eatables found in nature, the more modern Hunter Sampler utilizes similar techniques not for locating food, but the most desirable, and not necessarily permanent, mate.

The Hunter Sampler will often seek out several members of the opposite sex intending to generate a pool of qualified individuals suitable for fornication. This pool may also be referred to as a Harem, but may consist of exclusively males or females, or a combination of both sexes. The Hunter Sampler will then "sample" each member of the pool and likely make determinations as to which members may remain, and which will be asked to leave the pool of candidates. Those who remain are likely asked to do so because they possess a unique skill that others in the pool do not. These skills can include, but are not limited to mastery of traditional technical execution of an act, or a strength in application or interpretation of creative/unconventional methods of traditional acts. The single standard

Those who are found to possess the skills and abilities that meet the Hunter Sampler's needs will likely be called upon any time of day (or night) to perform such skills at a location of the Hunter Sampler's choosing.

It is also believed that the Hunter Sampler will, on occasion, request the services of more than one pool member at a time. Circumstances which require more than one pool member to provide their unique services at the same time and location always indicates a sense of urgency on the part of the Hunter Sampler. These rare "triangular" or even "quadrilateral" scenarios have been reported, and often result in remarkable satisfaction on the part of the Hunter Sampler.

Please be aware that not all Hunter Samplers are alike. Their organizational methods and needs from their pool will vary and a pool member making a transition from one pool to anther should not expect the needs of their new Monarch to have any similarity to their former.
Dude, I met this girl not too long ago and she's been all over me since. I later found out she was a hetero Hunter Sampler, which I'm cool with, as long as she doesn't try and get me into a triangle scenario.
by TehBay August 07, 2009
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