The Hunter is a very mysterious figure that is extremely connected to Team Bowie (See Team Bowie). Though it is for certain that The Hunter and Team Bowie are connected, no one knows why. Some say that the team themselves do not know why they are mentioned in the same breath as The Hunter, but hypotheses have been issued. Many researchers of the Hunter believe that he protects Team Bowie against their foes, others believe that he actually hunts the very members, thus the name. The Hunter is shrouded in mystery, but a few things are known about him. He hunts quickly, and silently, killing mostly when he needs to, sometimes when he wants to. The Hunter is also very powerful, even manbearpig stands no chance against such power. Other theories suggest that The Hunter is an off spring of The Eagle (see The Eagle) but that theory has been ridiculed countless times. A more popular theory concerning The Eagle is that The Hunter actually fears The Eagle, and so he lives in shadow and waits for the perfect time to strike. The Hunter is not widely known because he is so stealth, but whenever you hear a rustling in the trees on a calm windless night or the faint sound of an arrow being drawn back, you know, it is The Hunter.
William Shatner: Shhh!!!.....what was that?

Timothy Dalton: Is it....The Hunter?

Lindsay Lohan: Don't say that you dick!
by The Watcher...the Observer January 28, 2010
The embodiment of uncertainty and confusion. Hunter is a person who is always questioning himself and the world around him in the pursuit of knowledge. Emotionally unstable as they can switch from time to time in very short successions. Mostly hides his emotions but Will be betrayed easily by those who he trusts. Romantic, can possibly be A bit narcissistic at times, but he does care deeply for others. Easily falls in Love
Do you know why the call him Hunter?

Because he is always seeking the Truth
by VindiKate October 11, 2015
Hunter is a popular man's name, often given to him if he lives in the contry side and has parents who hunt. Hunters are always loving and caring men who will do anything to protect the ones they love but aren't afraid to dick around and have fun with his friends. Hunters can also be amazing in bed due to their strength and passion.
"Hunter is so sweet!" -girl friend
"I wish I could be more like you, hunter" -friends
by Casityyy December 11, 2016
A Hunter is a very tall. A little skinny but, thats okay. A Hunter is very cute and may say dumb cute things to you. A Hunter's smile is very contagious and will cause you to smile. A Hunter may do stupid things around you because thats just who he is. A Hunter is very nice even to the people he dislikes. A Hunter is also very funny and confusing sometimes. So when you meet a hunter watch out because a Hunter is very dangerous and may steal your heart and invade your mind at night causing you not to sleep.
Girl: You were right I should have stayed away from those Hunter's
Girl 2: You fell in love with a Hunter didn't you.
by Turtle144444444 January 5, 2014
Hunter is an uncommon name for either a guy or a girl. People named Hunter tend to have reclusive personalities and tend to hide themselves amongst a crowd or in a secluded area. They can be shy at first, but can be a great, outgoing friend once they know more about you. They are intelligent students who are also adept at sports; though modesty and shyness will often keep them from admitting so. Hunters prefer to hang out with the opposite gender and despise bullies and politics. They tend to be wonderful people; but can be a bit naive and oblivious when it comes to romance, love and girls/guys (depending on their gender). But once caught in a relationship they are faithful, loyal, and flat out wonderful. However, Hunters - much like the professions they are names after - are wanderers, and wish dearly for a place that they can truly call home. This wandering is normally outside of their control, though; so don't blame them! Oftentimes they tend to be part of military families, if not in the service themself. If you ever meet a Hunter, try to know them and cherish your time with them; it might not last forever.
Girl #1: "Hey, who's the new kid? You know, the one reading all alone over there in the corner?"

Girl#2: "Oh, that's Hunter. He's from Maine and doesn't talk much."

Girl#3: "Really? So he's single, lonely, and really cute..."

Girl#2: "I already attempted to seduce him; he just smiled and dashed off. He's really shy. Maybe we should get to know him first..."
by Zenicon May 6, 2012
The most fucking fabulous person in the world, always being a boss, and a genius, Always cares about there friends, often anti-social, Tallish, Dirty Blonde hair and blue eyes.
by BOUESTEAFFS November 10, 2013
The best boyfriend in the world
He is loving and caring
If you date him don't let him go
He will give you anything you want and will treat you like you are queen of the world
Have you heard about Hunter

He is the best
by Ace Hardin February 20, 2019