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Yurop is an ancient continent, rumoured to have been sunk, just like Atlantis. It used to be a magical, super-fun land, full of fairies and butterflies, trolls and other magical creatures. The only thing that Yurop lacked was birth-control and after a few hundred years of breeding and economic success, the continent sunk as it could no longer bear the weight of its millions upon millions inhabitants.

The term Yurop can also be used in a saying, that goes "I feel like I have Yurop in my pants"; It means that the person who "has Yurop in his/her pants" is very happy.
1: "If only America was more like Yurop, man, wouldn't that be fun!?"
2: "Nathan, when your mom comes over I feel like I have Yurop in my pants!"
by Teh yu0r mum July 01, 2006

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