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When there are two men having doggie style sex with two women, and the women are kissing, and the men give each other high fives, l'arc de triumph is formed.
Man last night when we pulled l'arc de triumph, that was the greatest moment ever!
by Teh Dr. Evil April 13, 2007
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Because a man is very sensitive after an orgasm, he is very sensitive on his head. So when a woman tries to rub his cock with a dry hand, the man has to try very "hard" to not slap the woman for rubbing his "hat". So The Hard Hat is created.
After my woman whacked me off, she kept trying to find more, but my hat was too sensitive, and I tried very hard not to slap that hoe. The Hard Hat I got last night was gruesome.
by Teh Dr. Evil August 20, 2006
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Also known as a pocket pussy, the term "a coin purse" comes from if the chance ever arises when your pocket pussy is publicly displayed, you say "Hey, thats my coin purse, I just slip my change in that slit there." This term can be broadened to just a vagina too.
At the airport the other day, I got randomly screened, and I had to empty my pockets, and out came my pocket pussy. After an awkward stare from the security guards, I coughed and said, "Oh, it's a coin purse. Thanks for finding it."
by Teh Dr. Evil August 31, 2006
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