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Make shit up. The US ARCENT Intelligence Directorate modus operandi for any thing that needs an answer. This method is officially approved by the US ARCENT Chief of Staff.
Maj Wilson: "What's the enemy force disposition in the Rich Mountain Province?"

SPC Cowan: "Sir, the Alovian army has approximately 14,000 mechanized infantry troops in defensive positions through out the region."

Maj Wilson: "WTF? Where did you get that number?"

SPC Cowan: "MSU, sir."
by Task Force Swimley March 01, 2008
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Ugly bitches that when deployed to Iraq, Kuwait, Afghanistan, or anywhere else in the CENTCOM AOR that get exceptional attention because guys don't get limp dicks when the fuck them. Chicks that are victims to being "Desert Pretty" are usually over confident...until they come back to the U.S. of A.
Soooo...I was thinkin' about hookin up with Sergeant Lapham.

Dude are you serious?! She's hardly desert pretty!


So I fucked Jessica Lynch.

Allah akbar!! She isn't even desert pretty Habib! But she did get an award from the US Army.
by Task Force Swimley March 11, 2008
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