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Theory of and belief in the importance and power of play. Even just a 20 minute daily playcation can reduce stress, release healthy endorphins into the body, increase joy, smiles, laughter, can fine tune motor skills, expand the imagination, and create great memories.

These powers of play make an individual life and the world a better place, as the power of play is transcendent to all beings, regardless of age, number of legs or paws, type of fur or hair, ears, teeth, tongue, sex, color, DNA, history or heritage.

Playologists, are evolved, free, positive, happy, playful beings, who relate to the world and one another in a universal language of smiles and laughter.
You, alone or with peeps you can relate to, (but are not necessarily related to - we all know the difference) shake off the 'shoulds' and decide to explore the joy-cult activities of playology. Escaping the major reality for a personally time-determined playcation of excellent, healthy, sweaty and/or creative, pretend play with your favorite toy or game, you crack yourselves up, become addicted to the endorphin rush and vow yourselves playologists. See...your imagination is expanding already.
by Tan Feet February 27, 2014
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