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A method of transporting your weed in the confines of the gooch -- via air, boat, cop car or other means.
Two homies arriving in Phoenix without weed.

"Man, I wish I wasn't stuck in Arizona without any hookups."

"Ain't no thang, necco. I got you. I pulled a ganj de gooch. We sittin' pretty."
by TallCan211 May 19, 2009
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homeboy; homie; --always said to a close friend that happens to be a white male

In reference to a white person's desire to say "nigga" when talking gansta and for their wafer-like appearance.
"Yo, Tim. What is is?"
"Shit, necco...I'm just trying to mack on these skeezers and skallywags. You know how we do it."
by TallCan211 May 19, 2009
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Term of an endearment for the person that you ignore while watching your favorite shows. The only attention given is during commercial breaks.
Girl: "Hey babe! Love you! You're my little shmuckers. What are you doing at the computer? I can't believe this chick on tv...she's a mess. You there, babe? I need to see what happens next week cuz these people are crazy. We can watch it together!

Guy: "I'm just your commercial meat...I know your games. I haven't heard anything from you for like 15 minutes and now I'm getting a concentrated blast of attention that's almost too overwhelming."
by TallCan211 December 13, 2009
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