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Treps, short for entrepreneurs: people who take risks and build businesses. Use was started on Twitter, to help keep Tweets under the 140 character limit. "Treps" most often refers to people who start a business with a lot of passion and little (or no) money.
Treps are the REAL job-creators, not old guys in suits!
by TalabesianLogic August 03, 2012

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ZBE (pronounced 'zeebee') stands for 'Zero Bullshit Environment'. It refers to a team or a workplace where everyone (including managers and executives) actually enjoy 'teaming' with others, and are mostly doing work that they find meaningful and satisfying. In a ZBE, stress happens, but doesn't cause blowups or breakdowns, and people learn to understand and appreciate the different ways of serving organizational needs. This 'ideal workplace' sometimes just happens, but new technologies for team analysis and teaming analytics are making it possible to design, and maintain, a ZBE.
My old job was hell! Now I work in a ZBE, and working is actually fun again.

We're going to make our startup company a ZBE.

Pretty soon, if you don't have a ZBE, you won't even be able to hire 'A-players'.
by TalabesianLogic February 20, 2014

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