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A dive tackle with the effect of collapsing the victim's spine in on itself. This act is often performed as a sign of deep affection for another, though the spine-collapsing is often averted through the user putting their feet on the floor after diving, instead of just crushing right down through you. If guys ever glomp they often receive strange looks which contain deep fear. (Expressions of pain, if they forgot to put their feet on the floor.)
"Johnny, what happened to you? You're all wrapped up in bandages, on an IV drip and appear to have crushed down not unlike an acordian!"
"That's because I was glomped."
by Takuna May 14, 2008
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Equates to: "You really don't know but I wish you did."
"What exactly did you do last night?"
"Oh, we went up to that place uptown, you know?"
"You know, that place with the trees and the river and stuff, you know?"
"I really, actually don't know."
"Well you should..."
by Takuna June 25, 2009
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