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small, aggressive, mouthy individual. Usually male, badly dressed and fairly easy to outwit. Tends to rove in packs, so beware before antagonising. Preferred form of transport is a stolen Transit recovery truck, so they can just help themselves to whatever they fancy. may have a large untrained dog with them. At home it is common to see a selection of burnt out Sierra's on their front lawn (paid for by taxpayers, incedentally). Motto includes the Nike emblem with the words 'Just Take It' underneath it.
'Pikey, Pikey, go where you likey'
by Taff August 18, 2003

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OK is a word often used by people who have nothing better to say, it is used repetetivley in descriptive statmets and can be most anoying when over used, especially by childish assholes like myself.
Ok then people how ok are we today, im ok haw about you guys ok?

Taff :- You ok Pusher?
Pusher :- Yeah im Ok Taff are you ok?
Taff : Yeah im ok too, is Eve ok? I hope shes ok.
Pusher:- Yeah Eve's ok she said to ask if your ok too ok? oh and how are Wild Tol Havoc and Gow are they ok too?

Taff :- Gows says hes ok, Havoc says hes ok, Tol says hes ok and are all wondering if your ok.. ok?

by Taff March 10, 2005

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Havoc.. a man embroyled in his own personal war against anguish and the temptation to kill more than 5 houshold pets every day... can often be heard letting out horrible screams at nigh as if he had traped his pubic hair in his zip! is uncanily acurate and he knows it!
Havoc :- I am the MAN the Machine the LEG - END!
Your all going to die! die and go to hell and burn! mwwahahahah

Is what you often hear from the mighty man.
by Taff March 10, 2005

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