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Peter Maximoff's code name in the X-Men movies. He can run super fast and God-damn, is that guy hot! He is the cutest X-Man, no competion. He is awesome.
Me: "Gosh, Quicksilver is adorable, hot and funny."
Sis, Juliet: "X-Men QS, or Avengers QS?"
Me: "X-Men, there is no competion."
Peter Maximoff is the best Quicksilver. Fight me if you disagree.
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by Taco <3 unicorns August 04, 2017

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A really hot woman that you really like but is homosexual.
"Man, that girl is a Nyssa."
by Taco <3 unicorns July 14, 2017

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A very kind and loving leopard gecko also on laurdiy/Alex wassabi's channel of a despasito remix
I have a dope Pug burrito
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by Taco <3 unicorns August 18, 2018

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