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Stupid Crazy Ass Bitch Syndrome (SCABS) is an extremely common disorder in females. SCABS infects more than 95% of females over the age of 43. Symptoms include idiocy, delusion, irritability, and overall extreme cuntish behavior. A woman with this syndrome is called a 'SCAB.' Unfortunately, SCABS can cause irritation, emotional distress, marital problems, and, in extreme cases, psychosis in the spouse or significant other.
My wife has a chronic case of Stupid Crazy Ass Bitch Syndrome (SCABS). She is just like a bloody real scab, the longer it's around the uglier it gets.
by TTIII June 5, 2016
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A man or a woman who crave riding on a man's woody, preferably while voyaging in a small marine craft.
Can I help you with your wooden oar? I'll be your dirty dinghy passenger, Captain.
by TTIII May 18, 2016
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