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A sexual maneuver involving three men and one woman. One man must have a sound effects machine. When the two men insert into the woman's anus and vagina the first time, the sound of effect of "entering a pipe" from Super Mario must be played. When getting a blowjob the "Mushroom sound" is to be applied. Each time the man slams said woman, the "coin noise" shall be played and the "win music" will be played when each man cums.
We tried playing N64 for a while, but instead we all just decided to have a Mario Party of our own.
by TBuck May 19, 2008

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A word hipsters use too much that pisses society off.
John: Wanna go kill someone?

Dave: yolo lets go !
by Tbuck April 28, 2012

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A sexual dessert. A woman cums into an ice tray and freezes the cubes. Then she excretes and flattens the dung into patties. She then freezes those. When frozen, she is to take the cubes and put them bewteen the two dung patties and this makes a cumsicle sandwich.
I told her to get in the kitchen and make me a damn snamich, but instead she made me a Cumsicle Sandwich. It tasted like crap.
by TBuck May 19, 2008

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