1 definition by T Mayo

1. A brandname of peanut butter.

2. A term used to describe somthing that is really cheesy, flimsy or cheap. This particular definintion of the word was developed from the poor kids of the late nineteen seventies and early eighties whose families could not afford Nike or Converse sneakers. Instead, they were left with no choice but to wear "Skippies." Skippies were a generic blue sneaker usually with three stripes on the sides(number of stripes varied from 2-4). Skippies were available at budget minded stores such as K-Mart or Spags. Within the store, Skippies could be found tied together(no box or packaging)piled loose in bins often located in the isle. Skippies were of poor quality and fell apart quickly. Their appearance was cheap queer or gay. Hence anything cheap, flimsy or generic in nature can be called skippy. Or, if something looks cheesy or gay it canbe reffered to as "Skippy"

3. A term used to show that you not only agree with another's comment, but that you strongly agree.

Hey look at that bike with all the reflectors on it, that is so "skippy."

Hey what brand are those camoflauge jeans, Skippy?

Build it solid, I don't want anything skippy!
by T Mayo March 5, 2008