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"Sheeping" is another way of saying "A Wolf In Sheep's Clothing".

On the internet, this is referring to a person that instant messages, emails, chats or calls pretending to be someone else or a different gender than they really are.

They can be found in internet chat rooms or forums.

They will try to "disguise" themselves by using a female screen name and a color or font that implies "female".

A person that is sheeping will also email or post “fake” pics and claim they are their own.

Sheeping is also when a person wants others to think he/she is "new" to their chat room/forum.

Syntax and diction can/are specific to each person’s manner and personality therefore sheepers can be easily exposed.
"He is sheeping."
"He is not female he is pretending to be a female"

"That is Cynthia. She is sheeping. You can change your SN but you cant change the way you type. "

"She is sheeping. Those are'nt her pics. Those pics are on 11 websites. Unless of course she is a model."

"He is male not female. That insult is used more by men and scarcely by women. He is sheeping."
by SwtPnkKty December 06, 2011
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used for texting/online chat "er" is an abbreviation for "eyeroll"; when someone does or says something that makes you roll your eyes you "er" at them; it can also be used in place of the term "oh, whatever"
"she said what?" er

"whatever" er

"that guy was so sexy.. "
"the bald guy, gross?"
by SwtPnkKty November 27, 2011
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