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The first and the finest of all Black Greek Fraternities that was founded in 1906 on the campus of Cornell University. They are sexy, sophisticated, involved in their communities and smart as hell. Especiaslly those Bad BoyZZ of the Zeta Zeta chapter!!
A: I love Alpha men!
B: Me too they are sexy!
by Swizzle May 31, 2005
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Some thing that is easily pulled off that has an awsome outcome.
The way that we flogged that BMW at the lights.... yes dude that was neat!
by Swizzle December 4, 2003
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Commonly used term in the game "Ultima Online" for one who camps or sits at banks (especially Brit Bank West) to do nothing besides show off what they are wearing and/or weapons and items they have equiped. Tend to go AFK for long periods of time doing nothing ingame but remain in place.

The majority of bank sitters are tamers.
Look at how many God Damn bank sitters there are.
by Swizzle August 9, 2003
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