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Tv Licensing is an outdated tax,collected by law and bullying from the BBC.The BBC love the tax, because it means they can write large cheques for their employees.The Licence tax is collected by a company called Capita.They employ guys who find it hard to get a job anywhere else.Capita employees have no rights when they visit your house,so you can just slam the door in their face.The current tax is £131.50,but you will find that a lot of people don't pay this,despite the threatening letters and wasted visits.
A Tv Licence is required if you recieve live broadcasts from within the UK.
This is hard to prove.
What electrical appliances you have in your home,is for you to know,and everybody else to guess. If you live to 75,you will then get a free Tv Licence. (if you live that long).
by Swissguard September 17, 2006

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