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A mainstream "hard rock" duo consisting of an indie vocalist/bassist that sounds like an pop singer and a decent drummer. Instrumentally a good band, but vocals and mainstream fans would put proper rock fans off listening to them.
Critic: "Vocalist makes the band shit and mainstream fans start to become obsessed by them. He has a very light voice that is associated with pop music and doesn't fit in to the background instrumentals. Due to popular obsession, they have potential to be big."

(Royal Blood)
by SweatyShinpads May 16, 2014
Radio Moscow are a psychedelic rock band from Story City, Iowa. There aren't many bands like them at this present time in the music industry. Hence, their music influences are 60s blues and 70s rock.

In my opinion, they are the greatest psychedelic rock band since Hendrix experience.
Check out Radio Moscow tracks- 'Broke Down', 'Lucky Dutch', '250 Miles', 'City Lights', 'So Alone', 'Rancho Tehama Airport'.
by SweatyShinpads May 23, 2015
Popular and mainstream. Used to be alternative many many years ago but is now mainstream. Indie Rock is not real rock it is pop. Indie clothing is very light coloured and popular. It is shit in other words.
Indie = shit
by SweatyShinpads May 16, 2014