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Pronounced " Say-doe"

"Sado" is a nickname, used to describe the best rapper in a small town. A "Sado's" biggest passion is music and they will do anything to achieve their goals. "Sado's" can make lit beats, write raps, and get turnt. They often get their heart broken, but they use that as inspiration to further their music career. Although "Sado's" love to keep to themselves and their close friends, they enjoy meeting new people and fans. A " Sado" dreams to change the world, and without a doubt, one day he he will. Everyone needs a friendly "Sado" in their life.
Sado dropped Doomzday , its amazing !

I love Sado, and his music.
by SvK September 03, 2016
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A term that is commonly used in the Arab world when saying good bye to someone. The term can be used whenever you feel like it.

Mark: Hey i'm leaving
Clark: Ok yallabye!

Mark: shouldn't you leave now?
Clark: Yes, Yallabye
by SvK April 19, 2009
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