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A Spanish work for a "Lilly" (flower)
"I need to go to the store and buy some Azucenas, They are so beautiful and would make my garden look perfect."

"OMG, You have a Azucena, do you have more?"
by Susyology November 17, 2017

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In Book 2 of "Did I Mention I Need You" Chapter 5, it stated this sentence in Spanish purposely because a girl the character loves wouldn't understand what he would say. These words stated "I'm dying to kiss you" Yet she thought he said the waitress is coming.
"Say something in Spanish, It's cute when you speak Spanish."

"Me estoy muriendo por besarte"

"*Smiles* what did you say?"

"I'm dying to kiss you"

"Wait wh-"

*He interrupted her by leaning in for the kiss*

(Not From The Book, Made Up)^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
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by Susyology November 17, 2017

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