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Shrink talk, stands for High Risk of Self Abuse.
Generally what all emo kids should be under.
Kim's such an emo, I bet she's under HRSA.

I saw the slits on Gary's wrists... he's past HRSA. He's actually doing it.

The poems he wrote made the doctors put him on HRSA.
by Sunafire March 25, 2009
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The cafe in Brockenhurst College (New Forest, UK) that sells hot food, drinks and snacks to all students. Has MTV downstairs and a jukebox upstairs. Many cliche's are present.
The name is a joke on the famous Hard Rock Cafe.
Dude, let's go to Hard Brock, I really fancy a cheeseburger.

Mate, only the anime nerds and the wannabe's sit upstairs in Hard Brock.

That James guy in Hard Brock is well hot.
by Sunafire March 25, 2009
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