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A 'school' in the heart of darkness that is South Carolina. Most of the students are dorks who went there because they wanted to be hard. The administration is obsessed with political correctness (look at the website) and treating the students like children. Since you're treated like a child, you'll act like a child. The food sucks. Good luck staying in shape unless you buy your own collection of supplements and hide them in your room. The girls are mostly nasty and most of them are whores. If you bang a female cadet, then you're a piece of shit unworthy of your ring. Oh yeah, get ready for lots of acne. Have fun with that.
Person A: Hey, why does that kid have his t-shirt tucked in and why is he not wearing a belt?

Person B: He's some donkey that goes to The Citadel.
by SummaCumLaudeCidGradMakinshit$ December 04, 2009
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