2 definitions by StupidBunny

1. The center of something, ie Earth, an apple, computer processor, a person's soul
2. A suffix which can be added to any music genre to make it suck more
1. The core of the Earth is made of layers of solid and liquid iron at temperatures of over 9000 F (no really.)

2. Moron: "My favorite genre of music by far is post-death-grind-metal-hate-core."
Everyone else: "Go fuck yourself"
by StupidBunny December 08, 2013
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Element number 85, the heaviest naturally occurring halogen. It is one of the most unstable elements in nature, with its longest half-life at only just over 8 hours, so much so that at any given time less than a gram is believed to exist in the entire Earth, making it also one of the rarest naturally occurring elements. Most notably, it is the only element which requires one to say both "ass" and "tit" in its name.
Chemist: "I've successfully isolated a few thousand atoms of astatine-210 in this chamber!"

Other guy: "lol, asstitine"
by StupidBunny August 13, 2014
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