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A doucheilarium or mikvak is a place where Orthodox Jews go for full body ritual bathing. It is widely used by Orthodox Jewish women to clean their box after menstruation or childbirth.
The NYPD had to post a cop outside of the doucheilarium in Brooklyn, to keep the little neighborhood black kids from looking in the windows for a free peep show.
by Strounce January 01, 2010

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Gosspic is gossip by a person of the Hispanic persuasion. Most gosspic follows family fiestas where it's always the same party. The Gosspic is usually about family members being drunk, jail, dancing and tamales.
Everytime my wife goes to a family party I have to listen to her and her cousins gosspic in Spanglish for hours on the phone, it's like Sabado Gigante in my living room.
by Strounce January 02, 2010

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