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When you have an abundance of hair in your ass crack
Bro, i flipped her over and she had an ass jungle going on!
by strick9 February 07, 2015
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When your intestines rumble so bad your entire body shakes, forcing you to run to the head sharting yourself on the way down. After dropping half the load on yourself you hover over the toilet and explosive diarrhea all over the seat...only to find a grande latte mocha looking shit with extra whipped cream because a guy came in your ass the night before. Enlarged hemorrhoids shortly follow.
Dude 1 "Last night's party was insane!"

Dude 2 "It was silly insane, this morning i took a huge Commo in the dude's house, hope he has a maid!"
by Strick9 October 08, 2008
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