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Did you just hit a crispy 1 tap on a player in a multiplayer game? Are you off 2 hours of sleep and still somehow functioning?

You either just got “Railed” or you’re “Railed”.
“I absolutely just RAILED this dude.”
“I didn’t get that much sleep, but I’m RAILED off nicotine and energy drinks.”
by Straizo August 29, 2020

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Having a substantial amount of a particular item(s). Currency, property, possession, etc.
When playing Escape from Tarkov, if you encounter a player with a substantially large back-pack or expensive gear, you may say;

“Wow, this guy is yacked out of his mind.”

“Jesus Christ I just dropped a YACKED player.”

“I think I’m going to go in raid yacked tf out.”
by Straizo August 29, 2020

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