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A man sometimes large over 280Lbs who likes to sit and spend their time creeping around malls, stores, and every public place one can think of. Can usually be found anywhere in malls or stores and on sides of roads. Ominous men can be any man who looks like a creeper. Some activities of an ominous man include sitting alone eating in food courts looking creepy, walking around places with having no reason to be their, buying strange things at convenient stores, driving weird looking cars like vans pickup trucks and old volvos, and if they are seen on the street corner they can sometimes have dogs that look just as ominous as they do.
John- I do not want to alarm you dude, but there is a large ominous man over thier and he looks up to no good

Eddie- Damn dude he sure is ominous
by StingRayJ64 January 30, 2010
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A phrase that is used mainly in the Great Brook Valley section of Worcester Massachusetts which means Drug Bust or Worcester PD. It is usually only used in Great brook valley for the MOB Outlaw gang who traffics many drugs through the city. When yelled a Gang war is usually the result. If an outsider goes into Great Brook valley and yells it, they will most likely be shot.

Even if you don't yell 5 down in Great brook valley, you still should not go into it unless you have connections.
MIke: yo I heard Joey went into Great brook valley and yelled 5 down!

Phil: Damn I hope that boys ok.

Mike: oh god no man, hes dead! He got shot by a stray bullet in the middle of a gang war!
by StingRayJ64 July 21, 2009
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