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Various theorists and scientists have yet to define Jomar (a.k.a. former Suzuki Ninja) because he seems to defy all Newtonian and subatomic laws of this universe. Many theologists have attempted to define and illustrate this character, but those who have attempted to fully comprehend this name have driven themselves into a permanent catatonic state, have spontaneously died, or have simply gone mad. According to recently collected data, Jomar seems to have an almost unhealthy obsession with almonds, has a collection of over a dozen hats, and at times enjoys a day indoors watching movies hours at a time. Using his martial arts and stealth training, he was capable to endure the heat of Inferno Hot Wings and thus was awarded as one of the few that ate a defined number of wings in a set time. Additionally, he has a natural ability to fix household equipment, grills and even vehicles that others have damaged nearly beyond repair. On February 26, 2011 Jomar was spotted with an unknown companion donating blood at an undetermined Blood Services location. Some Quantum physicists report that this Jomar is Everything and Nothing.
by Stephennnnn May 19, 2011

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