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Asthma is a serious disease found in many people, fat or thin, nerdy or cool - some of the top atheletes in the world suffer asthma and take medication before they participate in their atheletic events.

Suffered by millions in the world, asthma is a chronical disease to the respiratory system and can be triggered by almost anything: cold air, allergens, cold food, and/or certain enviroments.

Treating asthma can vary from a simple inhaler medication (ASMOL Inhaler), a flixotide inhaler (is a preventer, and helps prevent serious asthma attacks), liquid asmol misted by a nebuliser (comes in larger doses) many other types of anti-biotics and the immune steroid, Prednislone, and Prednisolone.

Prednislone is an immune steroid, which effects a vast area of the immune system, you could almost say all of it.
Prednislone is severely dangerous if mis-used and can kill you.
Patients who take prednislone for longer than 7 days must slowly reduce the dose untill they have weeded their body off the drug, it replaces the bodies natural steroids and with the source of these steroids instantly dropping, your body would stop functioning correctly, possibly causing many life-threatening diseases.

Side effects of the drug include:
• depression, mania, or other psychiatric symptoms
• unusual fatigue or weakness
• blurred vision
• abdominal pain
• peptic ulcer
• infections
• painful hips or shoulders
• osteoporosis
• acne breakouts
• insomnia
• reduced libido

• weight gain
• Stretch Mark
• facial swelling
• nervousness
• acne
• rash
• increased appetite
• hyperactivity
(thanks to wikipedia for the side effects)
Son: Mom, I think I'm getting asthma.
Mom: We need to take you to a doctor straight way. He'll give you a prescription for flixotide and some ventolin nebules.
Son: Thanks mum.
by Stephen Mills April 10, 2007

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