3 definitions by Stephen Travers

A northeastern united states based slang term.
Usually reserved for describing a gentleman who has
righteously abandoned proper sexual etiquette. While in a drunken state, the man becomes enraged at his otherwise uncooperative genetalia, therein causing him to become volatile and unsafe with its use.
I drank so much jesus juice last night the whiskey dick had me throwin it around like a Man of War.
by Stephen Travers September 22, 2006
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While engaging in sexual activity with a partner,
call numerous males over to include in the sexual act.
Causing an overwhelming amount of male genetalia in one
location. The copious amount of male genetalia compared to female genetalia would result in an "onslaught" type of situation.
"Last night Jonny surprised me by inviting his friends over. I was definately satisfied with the beef onslaught i recieved."
by Stephen Travers September 15, 2006
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The German definition for the city name
"San Diego"
Originally coined in the movie
"Anchorman:The Legend of Ron Burgundy"

Founded in 1904 the german settlers named it "San Diego"
which, of course, in German means....A Whales Vagina.
by Stephen Travers September 22, 2006
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