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i dont know why ppl r dissin on this country. i am from there. and to all yall fucked up dick suckers who say shit about us u probably dont even know wat it like. yes they might be poor but not everyone is lucki and can live in america where yall are. EVERYONE there is awesome. yall ppl who r dissing on it r stupid. those ppl disevre a great life after all they have been thro. el salvador rocks . and the guys are cute. the beaches are awesome. the food is awesome. we do not eat rats like one of u said. that country is poor. but u know wat. they are helpung us in the war. they are our goddam aly. they could have kept there soilder safe at home with there family. but no they risked there life so u could sleep safe and sound if ur stupid bed!!! ppl who say shit about them should go thru wat those ppl do. i hope yall go poor and live in the gutters!
El Salvador is the best country in the world
by Stephanie¢¾ July 08, 2006
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