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Drama stands for;
D- Dumb
R- Retards
A- Asking for
M- More

A- Attention
Girl 1 Uploads a pictire
Girl 1; OMG this picture of me is so ugly!!!! D;

Drama; A girl starts a fight about a small thing and makes it into a big thing.
by Stay_Beautiful_(: April 09, 2011

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Also known as The Beautiful One.
This type of Bri is a special type. She is the most amazing girl you will ever meet. She is nice to everyone and never judges anybody. But, beware, if you piss of this Bri, she will kick your ass!
Guy 1; Hey, check out Bri today. She is lookin very fine (;
Guy 2; Hell yeah she is :P
Guy 3; Are you guys talking about Bri Lynn? Damn shes hot! ;D
by Stay_Beautiful_(: April 05, 2011

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