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n/prn. the collective goings on of geeks/ the qualities that make a geek

adv. the individual actions that define people as geeks
n/prn. Overclocking your electric razor to create a rift in the time-space continuum is a testimonial to you geekery.

v. There is a negative correlation to the ammount of time spent in pursuits of geekery to the percent chance of engaging in reproductive acts.
by StaticH3ad March 13, 2006
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Those nasty brown streaks left in the toilette after flushing a large and/or sticky turd. Requires double flushing or the use of perfect timing to wipe the shit up with paper before the water returns. Please wash your hands.
That porcelain fudge is quite chunky.
by Statich3ad February 18, 2006
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