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A beautiful breath taking women, who is a caring, loving, and trustworthy person. Will go out of her way for a friend and u never want to loose her, she will be the best friend or girl friend u will ever have, and is a good fighter. You never want to mess with her cause she will get you; and never mess with her boyfriend or friends. She also loves shopping. If u ever meet her treat her like a princess because she is one, she is a very eligant, and graceful person, always the pretty friend, never would talk about someone. And she is plain hard to get u have to work to get her. Has a great job and has book smarts and street smarts, a great girlfriend or wife, good at cooking, always positive and when she wants something she will get it, and if she has her mind set on something it’s almost impossible to get her to think other wise, never get in a argument with her cause she can hold a lot against you.
Did u see trista she is so pretty
trista is a really good fighter don’t mess with her
Trista is a really good cook
trista is so hard to get!!!
by Starbucks20256 December 18, 2017

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