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The exposure of ones gentials when in a mixed sex group. Still practiced in some rural parts of England as part of May day celebrations of fertility song and dance
Eee I adido a Kleeble we will go, a Kleebling we will go to see a John with nought on .................
by Stan Freeman August 17, 2006

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A mixture of Cum and Snot, usualy contained within an absorbent material such as a Kleenex, produced by a man ejaculating into the same absorbent material as he recently blew his nose into while enduring a heavy cold. The mixing of Cum and Snot can, in certain hot humid conditions, release a harmless gas and so produce a cumbubble
Ahhhhhhhhhhhhtissue went John into his Kleenex seconds before he ejaculated into the very same tissue and soon the hoped for cumbubble appeared, oh goodness she cried thats the first cumbubbleandsnot I have seen
by Stan Freeman October 11, 2006

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An old English fertility rite usual performed during Mayday at the same time as Kleeble. Adult male members of a village stand in a circle on the village green, remove their members from trousers and gallop their maggots in tune to the chants of the gathered populace. As the pace of the chants increase so does the speed of galloping untill one after another the partcipants ejaculate their seed onto the soil. The first to ejaculate is given an expensive bottle of wine by the village virgin
Gallopyermaggot, gallopyermaggot get yer plonker out but look at poor John it is so small he can hardly get it out
by Stan Freeman October 11, 2006

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