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a surfer who inhibits the enjoyment of other surfers. can be done in a few ways:

1. snake people out in the water.
2. feel they have the right to put other people down because they arent as good of surfers as others
3. pick fights with people to make yourself feel superior
4. dont follow the rules of the water

a kook is NOT someone who is a bad surfer. even if they arent that good, they still might not be a kook if they follow the right rules of the water and show respect for the other surfers. its not about how good you are, its about how much fun you're having.
Look at that guy, he gets in my way and has the nerve to start a fight with me. Whats with all the stickers on his board anyway? He's not sponsered! What a kook!
by StampMaster6000 January 16, 2008

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