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GKOMENA is a Greek word for chick, my chick (h gkomena mou), gkomena has its roots in the latest 50's from the word GKOMINA. You can use it as a lo and behold for example "you are so beautiful" in Greek "ti gkomena eisai esy"
crazy baby
by Stallion81 May 2, 2006
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Kolovithometro is a device belonging in the sphere of imagination. Its origin comes from the Greek words: Kolos, Vythos, Metro. Kolos is Ass, Vythos is depth (bed) and Metro is meter. So it is the device that measures the depth of your ass.
Tha sou riksw kolovithometro
Ti kolara apath einai ayth ? Na sou valw kolovythometro na sthn metrisw?
by Stallion81 May 2, 2006
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Vlakas means stupid in Greek language, synonym is Malakas
How stupid r u ? Poso vlakas eisai ?
You are stupid! Eisai vlakas!

by Stallion81 May 2, 2006
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