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One who combines components of grunge fashion and emo fashion, as well as listens to both genres. While this will seem implausible to some on both sides of the spectrum, upon closer inspection you will find that they share some very similar characteristics. They are both rooted in punk music, are both considered decade defining, and are both shunned by those in "normal" society. Musically, they consist of angsty lyrics and melodic instrumentation. There are some common fashion staples, as well, such as Chuck Taylor's or long/dyed hair sometimes covering the face. Fashion-wise, a grungemo will often end up combining aspects of fashion, and could be seen in torn jeans just as often as black drainpipes.
Person 1: Look at that grungemo guy over there.

Person 2: Where?

Person 1: Over there, with the torn skinnies and Pearl Jam Stickman shirt.
by Spyke13 August 18, 2007

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