2 definitions by Sporkle

When you give oral pleasure to a woman with a severe yeast infection.
Dude, my girl was feeling sick last night, and I delivered a little chicken pot pie to make her feel better. Now I feel sick.
by Sporkle October 1, 2006
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1) To act in an inapropos or unfitting manner, especially when the situation calls for formality.

2) To force oneself in a social situation foolishly, making an ass hat out of himself or herself.
(At the Governor's Mansion)
Aristocrat 1: "That gentleman behind me just spoke of this burning itch in his nether-regions, and subsequently pulled out his genitalia to show us his herpes scars.
Aristocrat 2: "What an asshat. He sure put his dick in a teacup!"
by Sporkle March 21, 2008
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