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Is a Great teenage boy, he is Australian and has the funnest humor. He is not a tough person and isn't built like a dream but his heart is good and will care for anyone. he will help anyone out and never judges people. Is in touch with his emotions. loves writing and enjoys all music. . he is very calm and gentle and would never hurt anyone. he is one of the universes surprises. he is a bit of a nerd and loves to write essays but doesn't read. He is like a teddy bear and loves to be with friends but doesn't have many close ones. makes friends easy and is very friendly has the most awesome hat and always cares how he looks. can be very vain, if you meet this Speedy fella you will be amazed at the joy you will get from him. if you fall in love with him never ever let him go. he is a very valuable person to have in your life his advise will get you far his friendship will never part. And one day you will see this rare endangered specie who hides away in his room playing computer games and the day you see him the day your will begin and he shall never leave your side. SPGG :)
1.Speedy Simon!!!!


3.look its Simon Gardner
by Speedy Simon October 17, 2010

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