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The perfect storm of Darwinian occurences...(see {Melbourne Style})these people wander around at night boozd up on beer looking like the prisoners they are the descendnts of trying to mate.

The women mostly look like men in ugly clothes,the men are better looking but just as irritating with both sexes wearing those ugly square framed fake glasses trying to look smart.... it's not working. The females then wait until the fight or stabbing breaks out and the ugly men-women begin their 'meat raffle' they fall on the bloody stabbed guys and leave with them.The meat raffle begins. The men are running from the cops and will be dragged off by a Kylie to do the nasty...it's th only way they can make new tax payers so the polic lt it occur...terrifying.
Twas near midnight .There were 2 Kylies and a Chantal readying their car keys for battl when a bloody drunk man was belched out of the brawl. The Melbourne meat raffle had begun. Kylie # 1 swooped in and promised to give the other 2 a ride if they didn't get one...they backed off and the first winner was anounced...
by Sparky9999 January 28, 2010
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