5 definitions by Sp00per

1. To gather ideas in order to understand a subject.

2. To tie a subject to a multitude of other ideas and references.
I showed a kid a cup and a picture of two girls playing. And he began to assimilate.
by Sp00per February 20, 2018
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term used for:
1. someone who regularly performs anal sex.
2. derogatory slang for gay men.
Ex: person 1: hey man, I think that guy over there is a chute fucker.
Guy: I wANnA snIfF yEr Ass.
Person 2: yep, definitely a chute fucker.
by Sp00per February 7, 2018
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This term is used to describe a spiteful child who is impulsive, belligerent, and very stupid. They mainly get these attributes from their irresponsible parents who act just as childish as the minor they raise. Come on, admit it, you’ve met at least one of these kids.
Person: stay back, it’s a failed kid.
Failed kid: *turns around*

yOu dO nOT nO dE wAE.
by Sp00per February 20, 2018
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A term used to describe a vegan who is SO passionate about their diet, that they believe people who consume meat should be killed for the murder of another animal. As you can tell, This is a very marksist opinion on non-vegans. Vegan hitlers also try to force their ideals onto others.
Making this type of person very disagreeable.
Person #1: hey, can we have burgers tonight?
Person #2: no. This is a vegan household. I will not eat an animal who has suffered. You should do the same.
Person#1: shut the FUCK UP! Stop being a vegan hitler.
by Sp00per February 7, 2018
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A more verbose term used to describe very curvy and attractive girls.
Ex: man, my anime body pillow looks really voluptuous and sexy!
*walks into bedroom with pillow.*
by Sp00per February 7, 2018
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